Faster Response to IV vs Intranasal Ketamine in Depression

NEW ORLEANS – New research reveals that patients with treatment-resistant depression who were treated with repeated intravenous differences ketamine show no significant in achieving response or remission, compared with those receiving the intranasal formulation of the drug, esketamine – although fewer treatments appear necessary with the intravenous formulation. Dr Balwinder Singh “This is one of … Read more

Definitions, Best Treatments Remain Elusive

NEW ORLEANS – Research into video game addiction is turning up new insights, and some treatments seem to make a difference, according to addiction psychiatry experts speaking at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. Still, understanding remains limited amid a general lack of clarity about definitions, measurements, and the most effective treatment strategies. … Read more

What Can We Do About Mass Shootings?

“It must be mental illness. My mind cannot possibly conceive of an alternative. A rational healthy mind cannot be capable of this, Doc.” These were the opening words of one of many discussions that I had with patients in the wake of yet another gut-wrenching tragedy where we saw innocent children and their teachers murdered … Read more

Jeff Dahn & The 100-Year Battery

Jeff Dahn is a world renowned scientist and researcher at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (home to the most beautiful public gardens in the world). He has been under contract to Tesla for many years to pursue battery research that will lead to longer lasting, faster charging, less expensive batteries for electric vehicles and … Read more

Antipsychotic Safe, Effective for Resistant Depression

Cariprazine (Vraylar) is a safe and effective adjunctive treatment for adults with major depressive disorder (MDD) who have an inadequate response to antidepressant monotherapy, new results from a phase 3 study show. Already approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat adults with schizophrenia and manic, mixed, or depressive episodes of bipolar … Read more

Are ESG Funds For Real?

In 2021, ESG assets amounted to more than $2.7 trillion; 81% were in European based funds, and 13% in US based funds. In the fourth quarter of 2021 alone, $143 billion in new capital flowed into these ESG funds. Not only have these investments performed poorly in financial terms, ESG funds don’t seem to deliver … Read more

Green investors eyeing up Australia following election results – pv magazine International

In November 2021, the co-founder of renewable energy investor Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners (QIP), David Skaysbrook, was skeptical of large scale investment in Australia due to federal policy inertia. Back then Skysbrook described the United States as “the most opportunity-rich market in the energy transition,” with the UK running a very close second, whereas Australia was … Read more