Laura Brand: Permission to play

Laura Brand is on a magical mission to help us all embrace creativity and welcome joy into our lives. Through her new book, The Joy Journal for Grown-upsshe’s gifting us with permission to be curious and play, in the most beautiful and nature-inspired ways Close your eyes for a moment, and think back to when … Read more

How to cope with worldwide tragedies

What can we do when our news feeds are filled with tragedy? Worldwide tragedies feel like they’re happening more and more these days. This is likely thanks to social media, 24/7 news broadcasting and the Internet in general which has the power to update us on traumatic events unfolding in real-time. While scrolling on TikTok … Read more

the new game plan for change

Is it possible to build new habits by taking advantage of old ones? When you’re trying to make a change, whether it’s wanting to improve your work performance, make healthier choices, or to save more money, one of the challenges is ensuring the changes stick. It’s hard. Behavior change requires discipline and, when life is … Read more

Tips for flying when you have a mental illness

Traveling by plane can be a uniquely challenging experience, so we’re sharing our tips to avoid any turbulence The stress, lack of sleep, crowded airports, and culture shock of far-flung soils are all known triggers for those with mental illness. Some years ago, I attempted to board a flight to Ibiza, but had to check … Read more

Is yoga nidra the secret solution to burnout?

Are you finding it hard to focus, or even to string a coherent sentence together? When burnout hits, the secret to de-stress could be found in this ancient yoga practice Is your brain feeling fried? Have your thoughts checked out – or worse still, are they spinning endlessly, and you can’t turn them off? Maybe … Read more

What is toilet anxiety and how can we manage it?

When a medical condition makes you need the toilet suddenly, ongoing worry about where the nearest one is, is understandable. Here we explore toilet anxiety, and, crucially, how to cope with it Imagine you’re somewhere you’ve never been before, and you suddenly realise you need to use the bathroom. You start looking around and asking … Read more

10 things to do in June to benefit your wellbeing

From forging unlikely friendships to an ancient tree walking trail, and a podcast that’ll empower and inspire you, try something new with our enriching suggestions 1. Page-turners Take a Moment: Activities to Refocus, Recentre and Relax Wherever You Are by Mind Life can be stressful, but taking a moment for yourself is sometimes all we … Read more