Five signs of sensory overload in adults

For those with a sensory processing disorder – or ADHD, PTSD, and autism – sensory overload can be a difficult thing to live with. Here, writer Emma Johnson describes her experience, and shares tips for spotting signs in yourself and others Over-stimulation may not be very obvious from an outsider perspective – and, having ADHD, … Read more

7 ways to encourage emotional growth in children and teens

With anxiety levels, low self-esteem and depression reaching an all-time high, how can we help foster more self-care, self-reflection, and growth in children and teens? Self-improvement and personal growth aren’t just areas reserved for adults looking to enrich their lives or enhance their career prospects. They’re important aspects of life that can help us to … Read more

What is hypnotherapy really like?

Polly, a 19-year-old university student, became paralysed with fear as she went home for dinner. The anxiety began to build as she approached her parent’s house, and would not abate until the meal was cleared away. She suffered from a phobia of being sick. What if her mother had not been diligent enough cleaning the … Read more

13 Effective Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

Learning how to overcome social anxiety can be grueling. Social anxiety can be so powerful that it can cause physical reactions that leave you shaking, dizzy, and terrified of being rejected. People who experience severe social anxiety know that sometimes even just thinking about being in a social setting can be overwhelming and excruciatingly painful. … Read more

What is a limiting belief?

Perhaps they started as a way to protect yourself, but now are holding you back; Limiting beliefs can have a big impact on our life choices. Our expert columnist Andy Gill explores both the benefits and problems with limiting beliefs, as well as how we can rewrite the narrative… The dictionary defines a belief as … Read more

How to Set Boundaries With a “Narcissist” — Talkspace

What Boundaries Should I Have with Someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder? The first step in setting boundaries with someone with narcissistic personality disorder is understanding more about the disorder itself. Narcissistic personality disorder is defined as someone who doesn’t have empathy about how their behavior and actions affect the people in their life. They have … Read more

5 Helpful Tips — Talkspace

5 Tips for Setting Boundaries with Your Parents Let’s look at some expert tips about setting boundaries with parents. We understand it can feel awkward and even frightening, but when it gets really tough, remind yourself of this: It’s necessary, healthy, and natural to have boundaries in my life. 1: Consider professional help from a … Read more

7 romantic films that get relationships right

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