The future of wellness

What happens when we mix cutting-edge tech with ancient wellness practices? Power on, ion on, PEMF level set to 2 (7.8Hz)… No, I’m not trying to land a plane, I’m just trying to switch on an infrared (PEMF) mat gifted by biohacking tech brand HigherDOSE , ready to try an energy transformation session, hosted by … Read more

10 sustainable habits to get into in 2022

Up your eco-game this year, with these 10 essential tips to support the planet When it comes to being environmentally-friendly, small changes really do have a big impact in the long run. Making adjustments to some of your daily habits, and a few conscious decisions, can set you up as a much better supporter of … Read more

Learning to fight for what I need: Ruth’s story

Life-threatening allergies filled Ruth with anxiety as she tried to navigate the world around her. It wasn’t until later in life that she finally understood how her health affected the relationship she had with herself, and that’s when everything changed It was Christmas 2018, and I was enjoying a meal out with work colleagues when … Read more

10 things to do in March for your wellbeing

From marking the start of spring to turning back the exercise clock, we share 10 things to enjoy this season Page-turners Every Family Has a Story by Julia SamuelIn this touching book, psychotherapist Julia Samuel dives into eight case studies as she explores common family issues, from separation to blended families, trauma, and loss—revealing how … Read more

What is social capital?

How do our social connections enrich our lives? There are countless viral quotes that say something along the lines of, if you’re rich in friendship you’re rich for life – the point being that our connections enhance our lives in ways other factors can only just scratch the surface. But behind the greeting-card-ready soppiness, is … Read more

discover the Japanese philosophy for positive change

Whether you want to kickstart your personal development, boost your self-awareness, or are just interested in seeing things from a new perspective, the Japanese business philosophy ‘kaizen’ could be just what you’re looking for. If you’re anything like me, the pace of life sometimes feels like it’s just getting faster and faster. Days often seem … Read more

Five signs of sensory overload in adults

For those with a sensory processing disorder – or ADHD, PTSD, and autism – sensory overload can be a difficult thing to live with. Here, writer Emma Johnson describes her experience, and shares tips for spotting signs in yourself and others Over-stimulation may not be very obvious from an outsider perspective – and, having ADHD, … Read more