“Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Fine”

My story took time to uncover but eventually it became clear that my symptoms and the turn my life had taken were not so unusual, and although it was devastating, I was relieved. Despite the fact that this is not finished for me, I want to tell my story now. My experience has been like … Read more

CMS Spent Billions on Meds Without Confirmed Benefits OIG Says

The Medicare and Medicaid programs spent more than $18 billion over 3 years on medications for which there was no proof of a significant clinical benefit, a new federal report shows. On Tuesday, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Health and Human Services released an initial take on its ongoing … Read more

Physiatrist Group Issues First Guidelines for Long COVID in Kids

Editor’s note: Find the latest long COVID news and guidance in Medscape’s Long COVID Resource Center. Working with physicians from multiple specialties, the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R) has issued the first set of guidelines related to the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric patients with long COVID. The physiatrist organization also issued … Read more

Mental Health & Our Schools

EDITOR’S CORNER Back in May, I wrote about the many ways that schools aren’t safe for kids’ physical and mental health. Since then, new threats are on the horizon: As the Today show reported last month, a district in Missouri has brought back corporal punishment (aka physical assault) as a form of student discipline—and parents … Read more

New Tool May Predict Mortality Risk for Older Adults With Dementia

A prognosis prediction model may help clinicians accurately predict death among older adults with dementia. The tool, which covers six measures ― age, sex, body mass index (BMI), and physical fitness ― may help clinicians better frame discussions about treatment and end-of-life decisions with patients, according to the researchers, whose research was published September 26 … Read more

‘People Have the Ability to Heal and to Let Go. Healers Help You With That’

From the Los Angeles Times: “[Compton native Jerry] Tello and fellow therapists and community health practitioners, including a psychiatrist, began meeting to explore traditional Indigenous methods of helping the Chicano and Latino community; the group called itself Calmecac. ‘We began exploring that, within our own culture, we had volumes that were written about healing, constructs, … Read more

Positive Topline Phase 3 Data for Lecanemab in Early Alzheimer’s

Lecanemab (Eisai/Biogen), an investigational amyloid-clearing monoclonal antibody, reduced cognitive decline by 27% compared to placebo and decreased amyloid levels in the brain of adults enrolled in a phase 3 trial. The Clarity AD trial included 1795 adults with early AD and confirmed amyloid pathology in the brain. Treatment consisted of lecanemab 10 mg/kg biweekly or … Read more

SBIRT Helps Address Substance-Use Disorders in Adolescents

New research shows that SBIRT — screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment for drug misuse — is effective at preventing substance use in adolescents in a variety of clinical settings. In a collection of 12 articles published as a supplement to the Journal of Adolescent Healthinvestigators offered new perspectives on the role of the … Read more

Me, My Spouse, and COVID

I watched you in the garage, with your wipes and your mask, your gloves and bottles of sprays and potions. I admired your fealty to CNN’s Dr Sanjay Gupta as he demonstrated the proper technique for disinfecting groceries. I watched sterile protocol being broken and quietly closed the garage door. Dr Alison Hero I listened … Read more