A Profile of Mad in Italy

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Italian mental-health system was in the midst of revolution. Ignited by the psychiatrist Franco Basaglia—who had seen patients strapped down, silenced, abused, and incarcerated—it began in the city of Trieste. From there, Italy instituted nationwide reform, culminating in the Italian Mental Health Act of 1978, or the “Basaglia Law.” … Read more

Burnout Rates Rising Among Psychiatrists

The lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to take a toll on the happiness, well-being and lifestyles of many segments of the population, but especially those in the healthcare field, including psychiatrists. The newly released Medscape Cardiologist Lifestyle, Happiness & Burnout Report 2022 psychiatrists explores’ happiness in their personal and professional lives and how … Read more

Inherited Intellectual Disability Increases Neuropsychiatric Risk

The covered study in this summary was published on SSRN.com as a preprint and has not yet been peer reviewed. Key Takeaway Why This Matters Children with developmental delay associated with a genetic variant are at increased risk for emotional and behavioral problems. Early identification of these children can lead to early assessment and treatment. … Read more

Autism, ADHD Linked to Increased Mortality Risk

All-cause mortality is significantly higher for individuals with autism spectrum disorder or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder than for the general population, based on data from more than 600,000 individuals. Studies of individuals with mental disorders have suggested an increased mortality risk, compared with the general population, but similar studies of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or … Read more

Amazon’s Alexa Is Now a Healthcare Provider

Welcome to the world of high-tech healthcare, where hospitality reigns supreme and the days of pressing buttons and waiting for a response are becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to the emergence of digital personal assistants like Amazon’s popular Alexa device, patients can now simply use their voices to get what they need. In … Read more

Psilocybin’s Antidepressant Effects Rapid, Durable

Updated February 18, 2022 // Editor’s note: This story has been updated with additional comments from Dr Roger McIntyre, University of Toronto. The substantial antidepressant effects of psilocybin-assisted therapy may be durable up to at least 1 year in some patients with major depressive disorder (MDD), new research indicates. Two doses of psilocybin provided in … Read more

A Breath of Fresh Air

I recently came across an article in my newsfeed about nature prescriptions. You’ve probably received at least one prescription, given a prescription, or known someone who has received a prescription for a medication, but it’s less likely that you’ve known someone who has received a nature prescription — or perhaps that’s just me. When I … Read more

Depression: Compulsive Self-Deception – Mad In America

From alice-miller.com: “In almost all cases of suicide, it is possible to establish that cruel childhood memories have either been completely denied or never identified in the first place. These people reject the knowledge of their infant sufferings and live in a society equally oblivious of this kind of distress. Even today, there is still … Read more

Healthy Gut Tied to Better Cognition

A healthy, diverse gut microbiome is associated with better cognitive function in middle age, new research suggests. Investigators cognitive conducted testing and analyzed stool samples in close to 600 adults and found that beta-diversity, which is a between-person measure of gut microbial community composition, was associated with cognitive scores. Three specific bacterial genera showed a … Read more

I Made It Out Alive

I Thought I had better get my personal story written as my health is in decline. As a child I always thought and acted outside the box, totally oblivious to people around me. My interests and fascinations were with the natural world. A creative rather than a scholar. I was always getting into hot water, … Read more