22% EV Market Share In Germany! Fiat 500e Is #1

Germany’s PEV passenger car market started the year with a small increase over the same month last year, with the almost 40,000 units registered in January representing an 8% increase in sales. The main culprits for the lukewarm performance were the PHEVs, which were down 8% YoY. Meanwhile, BEVs grew 28%, to 20,892 units, with … Read more

2022 Is The Year For Next-Generation Clean Energy Technologies

Next-generation clean energy technologies are reducing overall global energy demand and helping to make the energy supply side climate neutral. 2022, by all accounts, will be the year that makes the energy mix cleaner, more secure, and more competitive. To fulfill optimism forecasts, energy investments this year will need to accentuate risk/reward performance ratios by … Read more

Yale Study Puts The Kibosh On EV Emissions Myth

You probably have heard all the rumors lately that EV emissions are greater than the emissions of gasoline-powered cars. Instead of helping to clean up the environment, they are actually making things worse. They use more energy in the manufacturing process, the electricity used to charge their batteries is not as green as people think … Read more

French Startup Transition-One Wants To Supercharge EV Conversions With Its Ecological Transition Solution

Local governments in France are taking more and more action to lower CO2 emissions inside cities, driving demand for electric vehicles. Sales of new plug-in vehicles in January in France saw the market share grow by 50%. But with more than 1.5 billion vehicles on the road worldwide right now, an affordable and sustainable method … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: West Virginia Wants To Ban Tesla & Others From Sending OTA Updates To Customer Cars

West Virginia wants to ban Tesla and other automakers from sending out over-the-air updates, among other things, to vehicle owners. In a letter from the Alliance for Automotive Innovation (Auto Innovators) obtained by CleanTechnica, the group lists all of the issues it has with this problematic bill that was initially designed to benefit dealers. The … Read more

Tesla Model Y Crosses 500,000 Sales In Just 2 Years!

Tesla Model Y sales are soaring. The pace of the Model Y’s growth is remarkable and a testimonial to consumer endorsement for the all-electric crossover. Its full complement of features, especially the sophisticated, owner-focused over-the-air software upgrades, are real winners. There are many interesting themes to the high Tesla Model Y sales. It is being … Read more