UK to move to annual renewables auctions from next year – pv magazine International

With solar readmitted to the process for subsidizing new renewable energy generation capacity, the government says it is “hitting the accelerator” on clean power as it aims for a fully decarbonized electricity system by 2035. February 15, 2022 Max Hall The British government has heeded calls from the renewable energy industry and decided to stage … Read more

‘Bangladeshi energy masterplan should focus on renewables’ – pv magazine International

With the finances of national utility the Bangladesh Power Development Board in disarray thanks to rising capacity payments for often-inactive conventional power plants, renewables offer the hope of fiscal sustainability, according to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. February 14, 2022 Syful Islam Bangladesh’s new power system masterplan must focus on renewables and … Read more

Undersea electricity interconnector to connect Australia with Tasmania – pv magazine International

The developers of the proposed 1.5GW Marinus Link transmission project, which would link Tasmania and the Australian mainland via an undersea electricity interconnector, have launched a new engineering survey to identify the most suitable corridor for the cables. February 14, 2022 David Carroll From pv magazine Australia Marinus Link has launched a major marine engineering … Read more

Next-gen concentrated solar power now under development – pv magazine International

In new studies led by researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the US Department of Energy pursues an energy cost goal of $0.05 per kilowatt-hour. February 11, 2022 Ryan Kennedy From pv magazine USA Concentrated solar power (CSP) uses heliostat mirrors to direct sunlight into a collection tower, storing heat energy in abundant mediums … Read more

A 4,000 cycle lithium-sulfur battery – pv magazine International

Scientists in the United States developed a lithium-sulfur battery using a commercially available carbonate electrolyte, that retained more than 80% of its initial capacity after 4000 cycles. The group used a vapor deposition process which unexpectedly produced a form of sulfur that did not react with the electrolyte, overcoming one of the key challenges for … Read more

Italy’s third Capacity Market auction expected to open new opportunities for large-scale storage – pv magazine International

The first two Italian Capacity Market auctions (with delivery in 2022 and 2023) have not met their targets. As a result, auctions cleared at maximum premiums. The third auction, which will take place next week, might hold positive news, as some improvements in the process emerged. Some improvements in the process should lead to higher … Read more

Photovoltaics for multistage flash desalinators – pv magazine International

Scientists have investigated how utility-scale solar may be used to power multistage flashing-brine recirculation (MSF-BR) water desalination plants in Aqaba, Jordan. They found the facility would be sufficient to provide the entire city with drinking water. The proposed system configuration comprises a 30 MW solar plant and a standar MSF-BR unit. February 11, 2022 Emiliano … Read more