Paul Krugman: The Inflation Reduction Act Is “A Very Big Deal” For The Climate

Paul Krugman is excited. The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) seems certain to pass the US House of Representatives and be signed into law by President Joe Biden. The package, which represents the largest climate investment in the nation’s history, is “mainly a climate change bill with a side helping of health reform,” to Krugman. … Read more

People May Have Smoked Less During Pandemic

Regular smokers in Denmark purchased fewer cigarettes during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic than they had previously, according to research published earlier this month in Communications Medicine. Dr Sally Sadoff “We think of this as a potential bright spot from the pandemic,” said Sally Sadoff, PhD, an economist at the University of California, … Read more

Advice About Tires For Electric Cars From Michelin

Russell Shepherd is the technical communications director for passenger car tires at Michelin, where he has spent 20 years working on research and development for the French tire manufacturer. He tells Canary Media that electric cars put different kinds of stress on tires, which means drivers should take those factors into account when they choose … Read more

Traditional hydrogen blending could damage gas pipelines, say researchers – pv magazine International

UK researchers have revealed that gaseous hydrogen could cause problems in natural gas pipelines, while electrolyzer manufacturer Nel has announced plans to build a second production line in Norway. August 12, 2022 Sergio Matalucci University College London researchers have said in a new study that the pumping of hHydrogen into gas networks poses risks and … Read more

Ford Lightning: Orders Open Again, But Prices Are Up, Better Standard Range, New Hitch Assist Feature, Other News

Ford has several cool pieces of news for us about their F-150 Lightning electric truck. The company is taking orders again (which is great), but with higher prices (ugh, but expected). Despite higher prices, there are two new reasons to go ahead and make an order: Ford gave trucks with the standard battery 10 more … Read more

CleanTechnica Series A Coming Soon!

We are getting to the final stages of preparation for our Series A investment raise here at CleanTechnica. For the first time ever, outsiders will be able to own a share (or many shares) of one of the world’s most influential clean energy news organizations. And, we are creating an opportunity for our readers to … Read more