RETC releases 2022 Module Index Report – pv magazine International

From pv magazine USA The Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) has released its “2022 PV Module Index” (PVMI) report, highlighting module performance across a variety of lab tests, while also providing industry-cited clarifications on the real-world significance of the results. The 2022 PVMI marks the first edition released since VDE acquired a 70% stake in … Read more

Debunking myths about PV system orientation, dimensioning – pv magazine International

New research from LUT University shows that there is no single correct orientation for a PV installation. June 23, 2022 Emiliano Bellini Researchers from Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) claim to have debunked three myths about the orientation and dimensioning of PV systems and the sale of surplus electricity. “The results are applicable to the … Read more

Raw Material Costs For Electric Cars Doubled During The Pandemic And Its All Joe Biden’s Fault — Or Not

People are annoyed that the electric cars they want to buy are sold out for a year or more and increasing in price almost daily. It must be Joe Biden’s fault, even though he wasn’t in office during the Covid-19 pandemic. He didn’t tell people to drink bleach instead of getting proper medical attention, but … Read more

H3X HPDM-3000 Megawatt-Class Motor – A Key Enabler For Large Electric Aircraft

Press Release – United States, June 212022 – H3X is excited to introduce the next product in their roadmap, the HPDM-3000. This is a 2.8MW ultra-high power density integrated modular motor drive (IMMD) Intended for main propulsor applications on large electric aircraft. It is based on the same core technology that has been proven out … Read more

Solar Power Plants Are More Missile Resistant

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen terrible images coming out of Ukraine. Broken homes and apartments, injured people (especially the children), and every other image of death and destruction has been heart running. But, there’s one interesting piece of good news that came out of the country earlier this month providing … Read more