Can Routine Prenatal Ultrasound Detect Autism?

Fetal abnormalities in the urinary system, heart, brain and elsewhere, detected via prenatal ultrasound, may signal autism spectrum disorder (ASD), new research suggests. Results of a retrospective study showed ultrasound in the second trimester identified ASD at a rate more than three times higher than in typically developing children. Dr Idan Menashe “This study shows … Read more

What is social capital?

How do our social connections enrich our lives? There are countless viral quotes that say something along the lines of, if you’re rich in friendship you’re rich for life – the point being that our connections enhance our lives in ways other factors can only just scratch the surface. But behind the greeting-card-ready soppiness, is … Read more

UK to move to annual renewables auctions from next year – pv magazine International

With solar readmitted to the process for subsidizing new renewable energy generation capacity, the government says it is “hitting the accelerator” on clean power as it aims for a fully decarbonized electricity system by 2035. February 15, 2022 Max Hall The British government has heeded calls from the renewable energy industry and decided to stage … Read more

40 Years of Diagnostic Fads

Is the diagnosis correct? Source: Photo by Alex Green from Pexels Among the different medical specialties, some have the challenging job of distinguishing normal life from true health problems. How much weight should a pregnant woman gain? When should a toddler begin to talk? How long should sadness last after a major loss? For each … Read more

‘Bangladeshi energy masterplan should focus on renewables’ – pv magazine International

With the finances of national utility the Bangladesh Power Development Board in disarray thanks to rising capacity payments for often-inactive conventional power plants, renewables offer the hope of fiscal sustainability, according to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. February 14, 2022 Syful Islam Bangladesh’s new power system masterplan must focus on renewables and … Read more

A Profile of Mad in Norway

Birgit Valla, the editor-in-chief and initiator behind Mad in Norwayknows that when it comes to mental health, her country has one of the most admired systems anywhere. It has comprehensive national health coverage. It has a Ministry of Health directive requiring each of the country’s four regional authorities to offer at least one small unit … Read more

discover the Japanese philosophy for positive change

Whether you want to kickstart your personal development, boost your self-awareness, or are just interested in seeing things from a new perspective, the Japanese business philosophy ‘kaizen’ could be just what you’re looking for. If you’re anything like me, the pace of life sometimes feels like it’s just getting faster and faster. Days often seem … Read more