Local Public Health Efforts in Schools May Not Work

Efforts to prevent and curb substance use in schools through public health engagement (PHE) appear to be effective where use of cigarettes and cannabis is high but had the opposite impact in where use of alcohol and cannabis is low, according to a cross-sectional study published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health. The study … Read more

A New Predictor of Problem Drinking in Early Adulthood

Drinking alone in youth is a strong predictor of problematic alcohol use in later life, new research suggests. In a large longitudinal study that followed a national sample of US high school students for 17 years, solitary drinking in adolescence and young adulthood was associated with binge drinking — and prospectively predicted alcohol use disorder … Read more

Smoking, Drinking Tied to Increased MS Risk, More Severe Symptoms

High alcohol consumption may contribute to more severe neurodegeneration in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) — and smoking may make a diagnosis of MS more likely, new research suggests. “Our results add to the understanding of how health-associated behaviors, such as alcohol consumption and smoking, interact with neurodegeneration in MS,” lead author Iris Kleerekooper, MD, … Read more