A Hit and a Miss for Novel Autism Drug

Balovaptan, a novel drug that binds to and blocks vasopressin 1A (V1a) receptors, does not improve social communication in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), new research shows. Efficacy analysis from a phase 2 trial included more than 160 participants, making it the largest of its kind to date, convicts note. Although the … Read more

Autism, ADHD Linked to Increased Mortality Risk

All-cause mortality is significantly higher for individuals with autism spectrum disorder or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder than for the general population, based on data from more than 600,000 individuals. Studies of individuals with mental disorders have suggested an increased mortality risk, compared with the general population, but similar studies of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or … Read more

Alarming Rates of Self-Harm in Adults With Autism

When a recent study from Columbia University reported that suicide and self-harm were nearly four times more likely in adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than in the general population, the findings were sobering. But to many in the field, they were not surprising. Previous analyzes showed individuals with ASD were up to six times … Read more

Can Routine Prenatal Ultrasound Detect Autism?

Fetal abnormalities in the urinary system, heart, brain and elsewhere, detected via prenatal ultrasound, may signal autism spectrum disorder (ASD), new research suggests. Results of a retrospective study showed ultrasound in the second trimester identified ASD at a rate more than three times higher than in typically developing children. Dr Idan Menashe “This study shows … Read more