Worsening Depression Can Precede Stroke in Older Adults

Whereas symptoms of depression are known to intensify in patients who have recently experienced an incident stroke, it might also be true in such cases that the depression actually starts to worsen in the months or years before the stroke occurs, suggests a new study of adults 50 years and older. “Stroke seems to alter … Read more

Social Isolation, Loneliness Tied to CV Risk

Well before the pandemic concerns around the health impacts of social distancing, isolation from others and feelings of loneliness have been shown to be contributing factors to higher rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in older adults. Now, new research in older women in particular shows that isolation and loneliness are associated with an increased risk … Read more

AHA Statement Reviews Marijuana’s Effects on Brain Health

Medicinal and recreational marijuana use has become common across the country, warranting greater awareness among clinicians about any potential adverse effects of marijuana on brain health, a new American Heart Association (AHA) scientific conclusions. The existing evidence base of preclinical and clinical research suggests that marijuana use may have a harmful effect on the brain, … Read more